Lucas Hatch's Monthly Review. This Month - POWER Cut Anvil Loppers
Posted On: 08/12/2016

Now is a great time of year to start thinking about your winter pruning jobs around the garden for the months ahead while many trees and shrubs are in a dormant state. During November, I managed to take care of several trees and shrubs using the new RS750 POWER Cut Anvil Loppers with WOLF-Garten’s new cutting head technology!

The RS750 POWER Cut Anvil Lopper are WOLF-Garten’s largest loppers with a fixed handle length. They are designed to cut through branches of up to 45mm in diameter with the extra leverage provided by the head mechanism, and being anvil type are the right choice for cutting out harder or dead wood branches. If you’re cutting younger branches, bypass loppers are the ones to use to avoid crushing and damaging the branches. WOLF-Garten also makes a bypass lopper of the same size to the one I’m testing out here. I have used the previous design of this lopper with the old head design and was keen to see if the new design is just as good.

I started by reducing the height of a Lilac that needed a good haircut and any old stems cutting out. Lilac has quite a hard wood and any loppers used to cut it need to have a good amount of leverage. The RS750 POWER Cut Anvil Loppers were totally up to the job and within minutes I had cut many branches to the height I wanted to. In fact, they made such light work of all the branches big or small, and I really quite enjoyed seeing the quick results. Another shrub I tested them on was a Mahonia that needed taming. This time I concentrated on taking out the old wood before tackling any reshaping work.

I found the soft grip handles very comfortable to use without wearing any gloves but if you wear the WOLF-Garten Universal Gloves you get even move grip and comfort which is good if you are using this type of tool for long periods.

If like me, you grow Hazel to coppice to make hazel poles or pea sticks then I can confidently recommend these loppers. During my testing of the tool, I was cutting out the older stems at the base which were easily 45mm in diameter with minimal effort. The non-stick blade cuts like a knife through butter and compared to the old design the new head mechanism provides so much more leverage.

Overall I am very impressed with the new WOLF-Garten RS750 POWER Cut Loppers which are a definite upgrade from the previous model we have been using for the last 10+ years, which I might add are still going strong. The build quality of these loppers is like everything in the WOLF-Garten range, built to last.

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