Lucas Hatch's Monthly Review. This Month - The Comfort Grass Shears
Posted On: 07/06/2016

This month I’ve been testing out an amazing tool from Wolf-Garten, the Comfort Grass Shears.

Now that the weather has finally warmed up and the grass is growing fast it’s time to start thinking about lawn maintenance and care, and for this I’m going to take a look at the Wolf Garten Comfort Grass Shears

Initially I was a bit unsure how these would turn out in practice, but how wrong was I!

Usually when you think about standard hedge shears or lawn edging shears you immediately think about it being a two handed or two armed exercise, rather than one handed. However these Comfort Grass Shears have a special spring mechanism that holds the blades together, and coupled with the non-stick blades (slightly curved across the width of the blade to minimise friction) make them incredibly easy and light to operate with just one hand.

The other amazing feature of these shears is the ability to rotate the cutting blades through 180 degrees at stepped intervals of 22.5 degrees. This is great when you want to swap between a vertical cut for a lawn edge, and a horizontal cut around say a tree trunk, or just to swap over the cutting side of the tool altogether.


I used the Comfort Grass Shears to cut neat and precise edges to the patio, as well as against the base of the greenhouse, and around the base of several tree trunks and newly planted hedges, where you would not want to take a strimmer because of the damage it would cause.

The shears cut sharply through the grass with ease, without any need to repeat areas, and being light in weight, easy to operate as well as controllable the overall finish they gave was excellent.


Overall I was impressed at how well this tool performed, and it was definitely a surprise at how easy it was to operate with just one hand.

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