Lucas Hatch's Monthly Review. This Month - The multi-change® Ridger
Posted On: 10/05/2016

This month I’ve been lucky enough to test out the Wolf-Garten multi-change® Ridger tool. This is one of those tools that really looks the business, as it looks like a plough. It is designed to produce up to 20cm wide furrows for planting potatoes, as well as ridging up and earthing up around plants.


I was itching to test this tool out and my first job was to ridge up the potatoes I had planted last month, and from the moment the Ridger hit the ground I instantly thought wow, what an amazing tool! It was effortless to drag between the rows of planted potatoes and after a few passes the earth was banked up and covering the early foliage, which should guarantee an increase in yield.


My next job for the tool was to plant the remaining rows of potatoes, this time the second early variety, now that the risk of frost has hopefully passed. I used the Ridger on the soil that I had previously cultivated, which is important to remember, as I believe without doing this first the Ridger may not have glided so easily, especially in heavier soils like ours. In light, sandy or peaty soils it probably would not be a problem at all. Anyway, I was amazed at how quickly and easily it formed deep furrows with very little effort, and I soon had the seed potatoes in place, and when my grandad came to visit he could not believe how neat and professional the furrows looked. After I demonstrated and he’d had a go, he said he wanted one!



As you can see, I put a few more pictures in this blog as words alone cannot do this tool justice. It is one of the most enjoyable tools to use, partly because of its looks, but mainly down to the way it performs. I will be using this multi-change® Ridger at every opportunity!

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