Posted On: 21/11/2013
The members of the Bishops Itchington Youth Group in Warwickshire are delighted to be the first prize winners of WOLF-Garten’s #DiggIt! Competition. The tools chosen by the group include soil cultivation tools to maintain the allotment which supplies their families fresh vegetables.  The club’s members enjoy working the soil and harvesting fresh produce – it has even encouraged them to enjoy eating a wider variety of vegetables. The tools will be shared and use
Posted On: 12/11/2013
You can plant bulbs all year round, but a majority of plants and flowers that bloom during the spring and summer months are planted in autumn when the ground is not yet too wet and hard and there is time for new roots to develop before winter. The Bulb Planter (FHN) is a useful tool for bedding plants or planting bulbs, Bluebells and Tulips are perfect flowers to start planting now in preparation for spring when they will start blooming. Drainage is important to take into consideration wh
Posted On: 04/11/2013
Soil cultivation is important as better soil will improve the quality of anything planted in it. Autumn is an ideal time to turn over the soil, as the ground will still be dry and easier to work with. The Soil Miller (DAS) helps to crumble the soil into fine tilth and mixes peat, manure and fertiliser into the soil. Cultivating the soil in this way is vital for plant growth, and good preparation will mean more success in the spring time. By cultivating the soil the