Posted On: 24/09/2014
Scarification is integral during the autumn months. WOLF-Garten offer a range of multi-change Cultivation Tools which incorporate all the equipment needed to keep borders in blooming good health, as well as the tools required for an allotment area.   Each tool in our cultivation range has a solid, robust design with tines, prongs and blades that will resist bending, wear and corrosion. Our cultivation tools have a range of different benefits. For instance, our WOLF-Gar
Posted On: 16/09/2014
The conventional perception when the word gardening comes to mind usually includes mowing and trimming etc. One part of gardening which is sometimes left out is cleaning. With our  multi-change® cleaning range, you will not have to worry about dirty patios or even greenhouse windows. Our multi-change® cleaning range is useful for cleaning patios, paths, decks, ponds and greenhouse windows.  Now that we are officially in Autumn these tools are perfect to cl
Posted On: 10/09/2014
Although only September, it is never too early to start thinking about winter! What better way to prepare your garden during the cold winter months than with our Multi-Change Winter Range. You can find many options for clearing paths and views using the right tool. besides the tried and tested aluminium and plastic shovels, there is now a Snow Roof Cleaner for clearing conservatory roofs and even solar panels of snow among other areas. It is safe to say that during the cold winter mon