WOLF-Garten reach new heights and up the voltage at Hampton Court and Tatton Park
Posted On: 27/06/2017

One of Britain’s best loved garden tool brands, WOLF-Garten, will be at this year’s Hampton Court and Tatton Park Flower Shows, displaying, alongside its vast range of inventive and practical garden tools, its three telescopic handles, which form part of its multi-change® range.

Each of the telescopic handles fit every one of the multi-change® tool heads, of which there are over 60, offering solutions for all gardening tasks from cultivating to lawn care, and cleaning to tree care.

For the very tallest of tasks is the ZMV4, which extends from 220cm to a whopping 400cm. For those jobs that still require a long reach, but to a slightly lesser extent there is the ZMV3, which will extend from 170cm to a still very impressive 300cm – there will not be many branches out of reach with that!

The final telescopic handle in the range is the ZMV150. This is a space saving telescopic handle that retracts from 150cm down to 90cm, making it easier to store and move around. With a minimum length of 90cm it fits perfectly in the boot of even the smallest car - granting gardeners the option to carry their entire tool kit in the boot of their car, so it need no longer be stored at the allotment.

Each of the handles is made from lightweight yet strong high-quality aluminium so offer all the resilience and durability gardeners have come to know and love of this long established gardening brand.

Another point of interest will be the WOLF-Garten 72 Volt Li-Ion power battery garden tool range; an interchangeable battery system that delivers powerful garden tools without engine fumes, tangled cables, or short run times.

The 72 Volt range consists of three lawnmowers, a grass trimmer, a hedge cutter and a leaf blower. Each model is compatible with an interchangeable 72 Volt Li-Ion power battery and charger system. These 2.5ah high-performance batteries have 180Watt hours and are fully charged in just 60 minutes. If you are particularly short of time, there is even a super quick change option, which provides an 80% charge after just 45 minutes, making it one of the fastest chargers on the market.

In fact, the 72 Volt rechargeable batteries deliver immediate power with a ventilation system helping to prevent overheating and guaranteeing longer service life with safe charging. Every machine within the range is light, quiet to use and easy to handle, and requires almost no maintenance or upkeep.

The lawnmowers available include the LIONPOWER34, LIONPOWER37 and the LIONPOWER40, with each model being suitable for differing lawn sizes.

In terms of operating, these lawnmowers have been designed to make cutting the lawn a real pleasure, not a chore. They all feature quick-release handles with soft grip, providing comfort and safety. In addition, the mowers only run when the safety key is turned, even if the battery is plugged in, offering real peace of mind, especially if there are children around.

The 30T Grass Trimmer is perfect for tidying edges, and is aided by a telescopic, adjustable tilting handle with edging function. For further ease of use and user comfort it has a cutting head cover to reduce mess from grass cuttings, as well as a shoulder strap and soft grips. The battery provides over an hour of running time.

The 55H Hedge Cutter also benefits from a 60 minute run time and an ergonomically designed handle with soft grips. This means that the machine can be operated continually without fatigue. The swivelling mechanism can be set to five angles (-95° / -45° / 0° / 45° / 90°) meaning your hands are always in the optimum cutting position. With a cutting length of 55cm, and a cutting blade spacing of 26mm, this machine tackles even the most unruly of hedges with ease!

The final machine within the range is the 24B Leaf Blower. This powerful piece of equipment benefits from an axial fan, which delivers maximum efficiency and effectiveness with speeds of 240 km/h and can run for up to 30 minutes. The short blower pipe ensures a wide airflow, while the longer pipe generates the maximum air speed. A turbo function generates greater power when needed at the touch of a button and combined with the wide blower pipe with integrated leaf scraper, can handle the garden tidy up with ease. 

Visit WOLF-Garten at stand HC544 (Hampton) and TP538 (Tatton)

For further information about all of these products, and other items in the WOLF-Garten range, visit http://www.wolfgarten-tools.co.uk.  You can also find WOLF-Garten on Twitter at @WGGardentools and on Facebook by searching for WOLF-Garten Garden Tools.  

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