Give mum a gardening gift this year for Mother's Day with our handy gift guide!
Posted On: 01/03/2018

Secateurs are available as both Anvil and Bypass and ideal for medium size hands. They have soft grip handles, special non-stick PTFE coated blades and have internal spring mechanisms. The bypass system is best for cutting younger growth whilst the anvil is best for tougher and older wood and thicker stems – so offer something for all seasons!


No garden tool selection would be complete without a set of loppers so why not wrap up the Power Cut Bypass Loppers this year? They have a cutting diameter of 30mm built-in to new cutting head technology that provides the fastest and most comfortable lopping action. The blades are non-stick and the handles are ergonomically designed for ease of use.



Variable Hedge Shears make a really special gift and are a must for keeping garden hedges and topiary forms in shape throughout the growing season. The curved, non-stick coated double-edged blades are powerful enough to cut through thick branches and the shock absorbing buffers ensure continued comfortable use.

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