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Jun 27, 2017
One of Britain’s best loved garden tool brands, WOLF-Garten, ...


The wide array of WOLF-Garten electric lawnmowers are all powerful, lightweight and extremely manoeuvrable.  They allow you to choose between collecting grass clippings in its grass bag or mulching clippings back into the lawn to encourage healthy re-growth.

All WOLF-Garten Lawnmowers come fully supported with access to owner`s manuals. Click here to download your copy.

Hand Push Cylinder Mower
72V Li-ION Power 34 Lawn Mower
72V Li-ION Power 37 Lawn Mower
72V Li-ION Power 40 Lawn Mower
1000W Electric Select S3200E-KIT Lawn Mower
1400W Electric Select S3800E-KIT Lawn Mower
1200W Electric A320E-KIT Lawn Mower
1400W Electric A340E-KIT Lawn Mower
1600W Electric A370E -KIT Lawn Mower
1800W Electric A400E-KIT Lawn Mower
1400W Expert E34E-KIT Lawn Mower
1500W Expert E37E-KIT Lawn Mower