Spare Parts

WOLF-Garten has recently introduced a new on-line parts lookup system on for their customers. You can find this data in the column “SERVICE”, with a guideline on how to identify your product in order to search for the right parts.
The goal of this system is to enhance consumer satisfaction with the WOLF-Garten brand. This online catalogue will be maintained and upgraded later on in the year with additional functionalities such as part availability, recommended retail price and further master data information. 
This page will help answer a lot of questions including finding tags, determining the model number and what to do if the tag is missing or illegible.
This means that customers can now look up a part number, identify their machine, or just have a look for information.
Please bear in mind that some of the text in the Parts Look Up system may be in German, please click your browser translate function for the English translation.
Click here to access the
For any Spare Part enquiries relating to WOLF-Garten tools including; hand tools, loppers, secateurs etc,
please contact us direct.